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A team of faithful volunteers provide 4 hours of instruction to the youth each Saturday morning during the months of June and July. We work with children ages 3-9 in a venue designed for the age and capabilities. A separate program is offered for children ages 10-17 and is designed to meet the needs of both pre-teens and teens.  Each session is followed by snack time which also serves as a way for children to develop relationships, share experiences and help each other mature socially; all valuable life lessons.

There is no cost to any child participating in the program and all equipment-balls, clubs, and instructions are provided free of charge.  We have been blessed with Snacks being donated.

We know we offer a great program and we are in touch with colleges seeking students with golf experiences. It is a win-win program for everyone-children, parents, schools and the community.  But for us to continue, We Need Your Help. For more program information and suggestions for providing much needed assistance as we expose Tri-State youth to the wonderful world of golf! Please join us in the innovative summer program. Go to the website:   reachingoutforkids.org